Chevron stripes 3-season sweater

This jumper looks lovely! Think I’ll add it to my very long list!

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Sweater & skirt Sweater & jeans

I used a lovely soft merino wool to add warmth to this lightweight sweater, which will be worn spring-autumn.  Yes, unfortunately British summer nights often require sweaters, but I will not be sorry now I have this zigzag striped one to snuggle up in!

Chevron stripes! Chevron stripes!

I really liked the simple stitch on this chevron stitch cardigan, but I had a lot of trouble with pattern.  A quick look at a few people’s pattern notes on Ravelry told me I was not alone!

The issues I had were:

  • The neckline was too close fitting and had no give
  • The yoke expanded too quickly and came out frilly like a ruff
  • The sleeve underarm was not stretchy enough
  • No shaping for the waist – I like a close fit
  • I actually wanted a sweater, not a cardigan!

So in this sweater pattern I have fixed the problems…

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